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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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After you purchase the product if you're not satisfied please reach out through our contact us section and you may request a return and refund for your order with no questions asked. 

You may call or email using the contact methods below.

Email - support@gleime.com

Phone - (888) 623-7290

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it help a person with a sore back?

Many customers have reported it has helped with back aches as it has strengthened their lower back muscles and core muscles leading to less aches due to fatigue.

All while not adding too much pressure to aching areas because of the help of the auto rebound.

Does it damage carpet or wood floor?

Nope it is fully safe on wood floors and carpets.

Is the Rebound assist adjustable?

Yes the more you roll it forward the more rebound force it creates so you may roll it a few times before doing a set to get an even stronger rebound effect.

What is included?

1x Gleime - Auto Rebounding Abdominal Wheel

Do you accept returns for full refunds?

Absolutely we have a satisfaction guarantee. So if you are dissatisfied you can send it back within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund on your order.

Do you ship worldwide?

Right now for countries outside of the U.S. the countries we ship to are Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand