Available in 2 enticing color options including orange and blue/black

The Gleime ab roller is not only an effective workout tool, but it also looks great too!

  • "I just received it today and it took me 5-6 mints to assemble it's super simple. Tested out some workout with it and this kicked my but, the next day I was so sore this thing is very effective at working your abs!"

    Julia R.

  • "This ab roller is perfect for beginners! Trust me, you'll love it after using it once! The rebound feature makes it so useful especially if your a beginner with ab workouts"

    Ryan D.

  • "the rebound spring is amazing it helps you work out longer and more comfortably. I am coming back from not working out for a while and my entire core is sore on the first day. It also workouts parts of your back and arms. This thing is amazing"

    Dani W.

  • "I love this!!! I've want to get toned up for the summer and knew that abs would be my weak point. I am so pleasantly surprised at the results. I can feel my abs getting more firm after using this just for a week now, I was a bit skeptical but after reading so many positive reviews I feel like it was worth a shot."

    Jackson C.

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Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

Does it help a person with a sore back?

Many customers have reported it has helped with back aches as it has strengthened their lower back muscles and core muscles leading to less aches due to fatigue.

All while not adding too much pressure to aching areas because of the help of the auto rebound.

Does it damage carpet or wood floor?

Nope it is fully safe on wood floors and carpets.

What is included?

1x Gleime - Auto Rebounding Abdominal Wheel

Do you accept returns for full refunds?

Absolutely we have a satisfaction guarantee. So if you are dissatisfied you can send it back within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund on your order.

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